“Vilnius Music Week” was launched in 2011 as an extraordinary project mainly aimed to promote young artists and bands on a large scale festival, that brings young artists a great financial and added value. Young artists are put on big professional stages in popular public areas – squares, bars and clubs. United advertising and public communication brings huge public attention and a lot of people to the festival gigs. This amount of audience would never be reached by a single concert of young artists. “Vilnius Music Week” team prepares and develops communication material with line-ups, descriptions of performing bands with the aim to show participants to a local community and foreign guests – professionals as well as tourists.

“Vilnius Music Week” is maintaining activities during all year – artists and band can send their recordings, albums. All their work is being brought to publicity in the final three days festival in September. It is a platform where professionals from Eastern and Western European countries meet to discover talented artists and bands, also to develop international professional collaboration activities.

Main aims of “Vilnius Music Week” are to initiate international collaboration in music industry and to encourage music export.

In 2014 “Vilnius Music Week” also aims to encourage interdisciplinary activities and develop creative industries. This concept will be strongly applied to the conference panels, seminars and discussions this year. It was brought to notice in previous “Vilnius Music Week” panels that a lot of good practice and know-how comes from Nordic countries. Therefore there will be a lot of Nordic professional guests in panels of “Vilnius Music Week” this year. Creativity is being supported actively by tolls of modern management. “Vilnius Music Week” aims to disclose the management tools of creative industries in music business.

Conference panels and seminars also invite students on cultural and music management students from national universities. “Vilnius Music Week” collaborates closely with Vilnius Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius Academy of Arts and Vilnius College.

Vision of “Vilnius Music Week” is to become the most significant mediator between music markets of Eastern and Western countries.